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Tax Preparation

Taxes – How do they affect you

Tell me about taxes and how they affect me? Taxes affect you as a US Citizen because you have to pay Income Tax on your income. And that is worldwide income….

How is a Small Business Taxed

How is a small business taxed? A small business is taxed primarily with what is called self employment tax. That is Social Security and Medicare Tax. If you work for somebody…

Individual Taxes

What do I need to know about my individual Taxes? Good question, what you really need to know is what to bring up for Tax Filing appointment. We will give that to you in our basic organizer. We’ll send you an organizer ahead of time…Please watch video to learn more.

Business Taxes

Tell me what I need to know about business taxes? Well what you need to know is that you have to have all your deductions in order when you come to us. We can help you get those deductions in order but we need to make sure…. watch the video to see more

Business Taxes Extended

With the business, there are certain deductions that you can take – like I said, if you are having income that is coming in from your business, you can deduct any expense in relation to earning your income…watch the video to learn more.

Tax Preparation

Do you know all your tax deductions? Do you know all your tax credits? Do you know if your return was prepared correctly? Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions, we have the knowledge and we understand the tax laws. We take the mystery out of your tax return. We don’t just prepare you tax return, we give you guidance for the future.
We prepare your return accurately and make sure you get all the deductions and all the credits you are entitled to. If you want to sleep at night, knowing your taxes were done the right way, then, give us a call at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions.


Jim Epley teaches you about insolvency and how it relates to the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.

Last Minute Tax Planning

As you can seen in this video, I am all bundled up. It is almost Christmas time, it is very cold outside. I just came in from the outside, but things are going to start heating up very soon because when Christmas comes around, shortley after that is Tax Season.
I want to let you know that we are here to help you with your tax planning. We’ve got less than a month to go to take advantage of any last minute deductions on your tax return. Any last minute Tax minute that we can take advantage of. See video for more information.

Prefiling Tax Tip

Hello, my name is Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions.  I want to help you get prepared for the upcoming Tax filing season. Now the year is not quite over yet so you are not going to have your regular documents to file; your W2, your 1099s, your 1098s, your interest statements. Many of those documents won’t reach you until mid to late January. What I want to help you out is gathering everything and getting it ready so when the Tax season does come, you are not scrambling for anything specially if you are a business owner. If you are a business owner, you should have what is called books and records.  Please watch video to get more data.

Obamacare How does it affect my tax return

Hello, I am Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax &  Financial Solutions. I want to explain to you how the Obama Care or OCA or Affordable Care Act may affect your tax returns for the 2014 tax year. 2014 has just begun and you must have health insurance by March 31st this year to avoid penalties on your tax returns for next year. There will not be any penalties on your 2013 tax return but it is mandatory that you get the insurance this year of 2014 so you don’t suffer a penalty next year.  I am going to explain you about what the penalties are….Please see video for full details.


Are you losing your home in a short sale or foreclosure? Are you afraid of getting stuck with the tax bite on the cancellation of debt? Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions we have helped many taxpayers in similar situations. Although the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act ended on December 31st 2013 there may still be an option to give you relief. We may be able to get out of the tax on this debt cancellation through insolvency. This means you owe more than the own. Give us a call here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions as we are here to help.

Refund Statues

Are all your tax returns filed? Did you know you only have a limited time to file your tax returns before you lose your refund? Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions we can tell you how long that is. If you have not received a refund that was due to you or you have not filed a tax return that may be a refund then you may be on the verge of losing it. We can get you the money that the government is holding for you. Call us now at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions before it’s too late!

Tax Planning

Will you get a refund at the end of the year? Will you have to pay the IRS? Most people don’t know their tax situation until after the year is over. By then it is most often too late to do anything about it. We like to keep the mystery out of this mysterious question and that is why we offer free tax planning to our clients throughout the year. If you are unsure of where you stand with your tax situation for the current year then give us a call here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. We can help you figure it out.

Tax Filing Deadline 2013

Today I want to give you a bit of information about the Tax Filing Deadline.  If you can’t file on time or don’t have the money to pay, you can definitely file an extension. We can do this for you for free.   I you don’t file an extension, you are likely to have a penalty on a monthly basis. SEE THIS VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS

KIDS!!! Are they really worth keeping around

Hi, my name is Jimmy Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions.  I want to explain how children can help your tax return.  You may have one kid, two kids or three kids at home with you.  These can affect your tax return significantly in more ways than one.   I am going to explain the 3 most common ways that a child can affect your tax return.  First of, the Child Care Credit.  Now the Child Care Credit can be taken for any child that you have that lives in your household who is under 13 years old.  If you pay for daycare, If you pay for after school care, if you pay for any program that is not necessarily for education, but is for the care of your child so that you can work, you can be entitled for the Child Care Credit.  This creadit can be up to…. (Please click on the video to learn more)

Refund Statute Expiration Dates for extended returns

I am Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. Today I want to explain to you about the tax refund expiration date that is set by Statute. What that means is that you have a certain amount of time to claim a Tax Refund and is set by law there is a Statute or Law that says how long you have to apply for that refund.  So it is 3 years tipically…..

Pleasant and Painless Tax Preparation

Hi, I’m Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. I want to explain how we make your Tax experience as pleasant and painless as possible. Please watch the video and contact us if you have any questions. 702-639-9130 or e-mail:

Maximize your Tax Deductions and Minimize what you pay to the IRS

Hi I am Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. Today I want to share a little more about our purpose with you. Our purpose is to save our clients tax and financial dollars all year round. What we mean by save tax dollars all year round is really just making sure you pay the lowest amount of tax that is legally possible according to the IRS rules and regulations that are set out for us. The IRS sets guidelines, they set the rules. Those are the laws that we need to follow. BUT there are certain ways to maximize the amount of deductions that you can take. Contact us today 702.639.9130