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Experienced Experts in IRS Tax Audit Negotiation and Tax Preparation

IRS Negotiation

IRS Audit – Is the IRS challenging the correctness of any tax return that you filed? Our team will help you navigate the treacherous process of an IRS audit, in the unfortunate event that you are audited. We know the IRS and how they work from the inside out. We have staff that have worked for the IRS in the past so we can see it from “their” viewpoint. Our goal in any audit is “no-change”. This means that at the conclusion of the audit there is no change to your tax return as you filed it.

IRS Collection – Is the IRS is levying your bank account or garnishing your wages or sending you letters threatening to do so? We will put a stop to this. We will provide a thorough analysis of your situation and help you in your negotiations with the IRS. Whether it be an Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement or possibly even getting your account put into an “uncollectable status”, we are here to protect your hard earned money.