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Keeping Data Safe in Tax Season

Keeping Data Safe in Tax Season

Tax season is in full swing, which means tax preparers and their clients will be collaborating. For many, the tool of choice for sharing information electronically will be e-mail. It is quick, easy and everyone has it. However, when relying on e-mail to share personal information such as Social Security numbers, financial statements and 1098 forms, tax professionals and individuals alike are putting themselves at risk. Why? Because e-mail is not secure.

When you send an e-mail it travels over many different servers before the message reaches its intended recipient. At any point during this travel an e-mail message can be intercepted. There is an additional security issue for users of Google’s e-mail service, Gmail. As stated in Google’s user agreement, Google’s system scans the content of e-mails stored on its servers as well as those being sent and received by any Google e-mail account (i.e., Gmail). So what does this mean? It means all messages are being scanned.

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