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IRS Collections

Collections – 5 Ways to handle IRS Collections

So you owe the IRS Money, well there are 5 ways to take care of that. One is to simply ignore it and hope the problem goes away. That is not likely to happen, the IRS is not likely to go anywhere. Option number two…..Please watch video to learn more.

IRS Collections

Has the IRS been in your bank account? Are they garnishing your paycheck? Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions we know your money is your lifeblood and key to your survival. We know that having your hard earned money taken from you is not only emotionally upsetting, but it can also caus much greater problems for you financially. Do you want the IRS to stop feeding off your paycheck. There are so manny options we can use to put a STOP to these actions. If it has been less than three weeks since they took money out of your bank account we may be able to retrieve these funds for you as well. Pickup the phone call us at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. We Can Help!

IRS Lien and IRS Levy What’s The Difference

The difference between an IRS Lien and an IRS Levy. An IRS lien is simply a recording at the county in which the tax payer lives. If you live in Clark County, Nevada and you owe money to the IRS, the IRS will file a lien at Clark County Nevada stating that you owe money to them. This will go to the credit bureaus… Click on the Video to find out more

Offer In Compromise

JD’s Services explains what an Offer in Compromise is, and how equity and disposable income can play a role to qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

IRS Collection Statutes

Jim Epley goes over the limits of IRS Collection Statutes and the tips that can help you with Statute dates.