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IRS Audit

IRS AUDITS – Different types of IRS audits

I want to tell you about the 3 types of IRS audits. The first one you have is the Correspondence Audit, The IRS sends you a letter and you respond to it. If you respond on time and with the documentation, audit done, you don’t know anyting….Please watch video to learn more.

IRS Audits

Did the IRS say you prepared your return incorrectly? how would they know? Many IRS employees have less than 5 years of experience and the tax code would take that long to read if they were speed reading and didnt sleep for that entire 5 years. Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions we have over 100 years of combined experience in dealing with complex tax issues. We do know what is right and we do know what is wrong when it comes to a tax return. We have saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars even after the IRS had said their return was wrong. If you are in a n audit or have been in an audit within the last two years and you are not satisfied with what the IRS said then give us a call at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. We can Help!

IRS Liens

Do you have an IRS lien? Did the IRS destroy your credit report? Here at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions we understand tax liens and how they can affect you. With a tax lien you will have difficulty purchasing a home. You may have difficulty getting the job you want. We can help you repair the situation that caused the lien and we know how to get these removed from your credit report. Do you wish that you didn’t have this lien affecting your hard earned credit? Give us a call at JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions where we can help YOU on the road to freedom!

IRS Audit Don’t Fear JD’s is Here!

JD’s goes over what an IRS Audit is, and during any of the three forms of Audits, the goal is to have no change in your orginal tax return.

IRS Audit Part 1

JD’s Tax and Financial  Solutions has created a couple of videos which will show you what you can run into when facing an IRS Audit and how with our experience and expertise you can get the best outcome possible and with the least amount of stress.  We have the knowledge and understanding to do it.  Please contact us for a consultation and let us help you win the understanding necessary to get through any situation you are facing with the IRS.

IRS Audit Part II The Recovery

Find out what can JD’s Tax do for you regarding an IRS representation. Contact us today.  A consultation with our knowledgeable Enrolled Agents could help you save money or even better give you a better return.