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General Tips

Helping Business Owners

Hi, I am Jim Epley, from JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. I am the President and Founder. We can help you out with your tax preparation needs, If you are in trouble with the IRS we can help you there. We can also help if you are a business owner with your bookkeeping and payroll needs. When it comes to Tax preparation…

Helping Business Owners 2

Hi, I am Jim Epley, I am the President and Founder of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions I have been working with business owners such as you for the last 18 years. We started in 1997 as a start up company ourselves…

Help Managing Small Businesses

Best Way To Set Up a Small Business

What is the best way to set up a small business? Depends of what type of business you are looking at. You can have a home based business if you are doing something that doen’t require a lot material or a lot of thing you need to store at your house….click on the video to learn more.

Small Business – Marketing

What can you tell me about marketing and promotion for a small business? Marketing for a small busness is getting your name out there. Getting your brand known. Getting people to know that you are actuall around. That you are in business…. Please watch the video to learn more.

Small Business – How do you structure a small business?

How do you structure a small business? There are several ways you can structure a small business. You start typically as a sole proprietor, tht is just a one man showt. You are going to do the simplest Tax form and there is no set up requirement with the Secretary of State….Please watch video to learn more

The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance and the Exchange

What does this mean? It means if you got your health care coverage through The Exchange, you may have gotten what is known as a subsidy-meaning the Govenment may have made part of your payments on your health care coverage.

Affordable Care Act extended

Do you need health insurance, Yes, according to the Law, you do need health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance or you didn’t have health insurance for last year, you could be paying a penalty on your tax return.

Appropriations Lapse

Hello,  I am Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. Well,  the government continues to shut down, the IRS continues to be shutdown.  It is a week before October 15th, The extended filing deadline for your personal tax returns.  The IRS is accepting returns still electronically, they are processing returns electronically, They are taking payments electronically, they are still levying bank accounts, they are still garnishing wages. So although the IRS is shutdown, on the collections side and the IRS processing side of Tax Return, they appear to not be shutdown. for more information please watch the video.  Thanks.  Jim Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions.

IRS Shutdown

Hello again,  I am JIm Epley, President of JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions. I am sure most of you are aware or should be aware by now that the Government has shut down many of its agencies due to the House and the Senate playing a game of chicken and not coming to agreement on a budget. A budget is the plan spending for the next year. Since they have not come to a budget or come to an agreement on the budget the Government decided to shut down many of its operations, IRS being one of those operations.  Please watch video to see the entire information.

Channel 8 News Handling Credit Card Debt

Jim Epley gives brief advice about handling credit card debt.

Rule of 72

Jim Epley goes over investment rates of return and teaches you the rule of 72.

Why The Fiscal Cliff Bill Is Now Law

Why the Fiscal Cliff Bill is now Law.

News on Channel 3 Tax Deadline with Jimmy Epley

It has been very tiresome in the last couple of weeks with 10 staff and over 70 hour week. However if you cannot make todays deadline, you can get a 6 month extension. Just Call JD’s Tax & Financial Solutions and we can help you 702.639.9130