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Experienced Experts in IRS Tax Audit Negotiation and Tax Preparation

Success Stories

IRS Tax Audit Negotiation and Tax Preparation

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the services my small company received from JDs upon our IRS audit. Firstly, they answered my desperate call after hours, 6pm., scheduled an appointment within the next few days. Upon appointment I was reassured to move forward and commence business as they will represent us. They bought us time for the ridiculous deadline we received from IRS, ultimately reducing the astronomical asking bill from the IRS several hundred percent! Needless to say now we use JDs for all our bookkeeping needs. Don’t get bullied!”


“The service was quick, easy and professional. Craig did a great job!”


“Judy is a professional who was able to assist me in sorting out a nightmare of past unfiled years. Her help has been greatly appreciated.”


“Craig was fantastic! He explained everything and told us what we needed to do to stay organized for next year. Great experience!”


“Return was completed in a short amount of time and discounted my fee. Good job!”


“Judy was very professional, very prompt and helpful.”


“Craig and everybody were fantastic. No problems!”


“We’ve been using JD’s Tax for about 10 years now and we have always trusted and respected his opinion. He’s very knowledgeable and willing to take time to help us understand the nonsense of taxes.”


“Gerry has been involved with me and the IRS for awhile. I enjoy Gerry doing my taxes because he is very informative, professional, and likeable. I trust him!”


“Outstanding! Katherine was very professional, friendly and answered all of my questions.”


“Very professional, helpful, warm and took us at the last minute. I highly recommend them.”


“Fast, very helpful and knowledgeable.”


“Katherine gave me good advice and worked hard to find every possible deduction. Very pleased!”


“Fast, efficient service, good representation and able to complete quickly.”


“Great, fast and explained everything. Very satisfied!”


“Done in a timely fashion and all my questions were explained.”


“Katherine was very friendly and knows what she’s doing.”


“Craig is awesome, attentive, detailed and focused! Thanks!”


“Very personable! Judy made doing taxes fun! I want to do my taxes again.”


“Judy was top notch! She was quick, courteous and nice!”


“Great! Done in 15 minutes! See you next year!”


“Helpful, friendly, and explained my bad news very nicely.”


“I am very happy for all of things Gerry has done for me.”


“I found an ad for JD’s Tax and Financial Solutions in 2011! It was the best decision I ever made. They treat their clients with the utmost respect and courtesy! Craig is terrific! Thanks!”


“Taxes were prepared quickly!”


“Judy is always a joy to see every year, no matter the reason.”


“Katherine was very helpful in explaining any tax questions I had.”


“Great service! Craig is always friendly, professional, welcoming and honest no matter how much it hurts.”


“Judy is awesome, thorough, patient and concise.”


“Very good! Professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you, I will come back again next year!”


“Craig was very good, fast and always takes care of me. Thank you!”


“Judy has always been very helpful and has been over the past 18 years.”


“Gerry was excellent and a nice guy! Good job!”


“Craig took his time asking what was needed and was thorough. I hope my return is successfully completed and I receive an amount that meets my satisfaction!”


“Judy was great and understood the process of tax returns very well.”


“Jim and Craig worked with the IRS to lessen my tax liability. I couldn’t have done it on my own without their help and expertise.”

“I was in shock from the IRS letters then I saw Judy and she figured it out and got the answers for me. She faxed a letter to the IRS and called me with the resolution.”

“Judy has prepared my taxes that were a complete mess and got everything straightened out. I was not current on all my years and she helped me get into a payment plan. Best Lady Ever”

“When I came to JD’s my son had fallen behind on his tax obligations to the IRS. My son was depressed because the amount owed was incapable of being paid within his lifetime. I was trying to help him but I had fallen on hard financial times myself. After Jim reviewed his tax problem he assured me that he could handle it. It was Jim’s diligence, confidence and relentless pursuit that led to an extremely successful completion. My son is no longer depressed and is very excited about restarting his young life. God Bless You and all your wonderful staff!”
-R.T. & J.T.

“It is an IRS miracle that I just received a $140,000 tax refund. From the very beginning Mr. Gerry Andrews made me feel at ease and I really felt that I could trust him. Six months ago I would not have believed I would ever imagine getting my money returned. This case had not been resolved since the IRS began levying my money nearly three years ago. Gerry made the seemingly impossible, possible. I am stunned and happy!”

Anonymous Featured review

I am Always Extremely Grateful that Judy Moore is on my team. She is Golden in every sense of the word! Her quick insight and clarity about potential issues have made her my guiding star these past few years, and set my financial well being on a solid course for sucess. THANK YOU JUDY!

David A. H Customer since 2012

Jerry is AWESOME!!! He knows his stuff for sure. First time I seen everyone wearing the same color shirt. Looked like a organized group. Never liked when everyone wears different colors. Ha ha

Ken F Customer since 2014

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the services my small company received from JDs

Upon our IRS audit. Firstly, they answered my desperate call after hours. .6pm, scheduled an appointment within the next few days. Upon appointment I was reassured to move forward and commence business as they will represent us.

They bought us time for the ridiculous deadline we received from IRS, ultimately reducing the the astronomical asking bill from the IRS several hundred percent!

Needless to say now we use JDs for all our bookkeeping needs.

Don’t get bullied!

Call JDs.

Ken Fellows

A.C.T. llc.

Brian M. H Customer since 2008

Thank you for continued excellent service. I know my case is very simple but you continue to make it easier than expected.

Joachim G Customer since 2008

excellent service as always. They are always on top of things and willing to discuss any questions that I may have.

James V. R Customer since 2011

I have had Judy Moore do my taxes for the last 18 years, and am always satisfied.

Malefua M Customer since 2008

Very friendly and well organized.

Vicki R Customer since 2012

In 2012, I found myself in an unusual situation and I needed a qualified tax provider. Prior to 2011, I either did my own taxes or took the info to H&R Block, however in 2011, I lost my job of many years and took money out of my 401k-prior to the maturity date. At tax time, I was scared, I didn’t know who to turn to and it looked like I owed a small fortune to the IRS. My daughter sensed my frustration and researched tax consultants on the Internet. She stumbled across JD’s Tax & Financial Services. Words can’t express the graditude I feel towards both my daughter for locating & recommending JD’s and JD’s Tax & Financial for helping me solve my problems and figure out how to proceed with any/all of my tax concerns! I never realized that I could go to a tax professional for the same amount that I paid to H&R Block. The office is open (& available year round)–Craig NEVER makes me feel stupid for asking any question (or bringing up a concern!!) and the entire staff is kind, courteous, and very PROFESSIONAL!! I sincerely can’t begin to express the gratitude that I feel for their help & I highly recommend JD’s to anyone with a tax issue or simply to ensure that your tax return is done correctly!! Thanks Craig, the entire staff, & JD’s!!

Sandra A. L Customer since 2012

Craig is wonderful, and your staff at the front desk is very pleasant and I am so glad I found your agency to do my taxes.

Christopher M. M Customer since 2010

JD’s Tax provides exceptional service. They are attentive, responsive, and provide insight and advice that truly make a difference. It is without hesitation that I recommend JD’s Tax.

Darryl & Lori D Customer since 2013

What can I say,,,, Every time I come into your office, I am enjoying life .Getting your taxes done should not be this enjoyable!! Craig is a wonderful, caring person. He listens, and helps when he can. He is very good at what he does. Keep things the way they are! You got a working winner!!

Jessy M Customer since 2011

Everyone is always nice and friendly in the office. Judith Moore is awesome. She is always professional and knowledgeable.

Oscar T Customer since 2014

Excellent personal care. The tax adviser spent the time to find what was needed and where money could be saved.

Kathleen V B Customer since 2010

Very thorough, precise, detail oriented. Great tax representative

James E. C Customer since 2011

Excellent service…more than ADEQUATE time allowed. Overall, very friendly staff.

Jimmy D Customer since 2011

As always Jim provided invaluable information to help secure our financial future. I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with our families investments. Thank you so much!

Edward H Customer since 2012

The experince I had with Judith is and always has been very professional and thorough. She makes you feel like you are talking with your relative who you know you can trust to take care of you in all ways. I have not had a average session with her since I first was referred to her by a co-worker of mine several years ago. If I know anyone who is going to need their taxes done I will always refer them to her after my constant great support from her. If you have any questions please let me know. Have a great day! R/ Ed and Libby

Robert L. S Customer since 2012

Yes, I was 100% satisfied. It was efficient and informative for future events.

THOMAS K Customer since 2011

The entire staff of JD’s Tax and Financial Solutions were outstanding in assisting us in getting our taxes prepared correctly, and with ease. The attention to detail, and willingness to explain the steps taken in the preparation was just super. The explanation of fees, and the availability of our tax preparer made us feel that we were almost family.

I would gladly recommend your firm to any of my friends that wanted an excellent source for their tax preparation.

Stephen K Customer since 2010

Certainly appreciated the service and time I received from Judy Moore.

FRED D S Customer since 2011

I appreciate all of the reminders. Gerry is always the best!

Marc W Customer since 2010

Judy is thorough, patient, and always looking out for my best interests within the tax code law. I’ll see you again next year!

Sheleen A Customer since 2014

Jerry was very easy to talk too and has a vast knowledge of tax services.

H Customer since 2013

Very friendly and knowledgeable office. A pleasure to deal with.

Robert E. H Customer since 2011

Gerry Andrews helpful as always. Good advice, promptly given. Great service.

Anonymous Verified customer

My second year working with Gerry Andrews, very professional and helpful with my return and options for deductions. I will recommend anyone that I know to use JD’s Tax for any type of tax or money managing issues.

Anonymous Verified customer

Jim and his team handled my IRS issue fast and effectively. They made it simpler than I thought it would be. I can now breath easier knowing I’m in compliance with the IRS.

Steady Guidance & tax advise by Ron L -

I’ve used JDs for my tax returns the past 5 years because of the recommendation of a co-worker and have always been very happy with their work. I was lucky to have gotten to use them because I then JDs set up both of my business start ups, the filings and accounting since. Things were always done right the first time and they made my job easier because I had the time to focus on making money.

EPIC AWESOMENESS!! by SNM Consulting -

I have been using JD for YEARS…I have referred A LOT of friends…TIP TOP!!I have sent so many friends with IRS problems ..BAD IRS problems…JD is straight forward…fairly priced and very polite!!! I will continue to refer people …however EVERYONE I KNOW goes to him now….whoever wrote the bad review on him…IS BULL….not only that but there has been no Jazz club in Vegas for 15 years….just saying!! JD would not handle a situation like thiat and he GETS all his money up front…. so whoever wrote that is a FOOL!

great for me! by benfromdc -

I’ve been using JD’s for several years and they have been spectacular. I’ve gotten great results, very high refunds. I am an owner of a personal business and rental properties and they have been great for me!!!

A pleasant experience all around by Relieved -

We had our 2011 taxes prepared by Gerry Andrews back in March. Everything went smooth and our return was much more than we had anticipated. Gerry did a great job with the return and my wife and I enjoyed chatting with him, a pleasant experience all around. In April, we went on the IRS website and saw our return was ready for deposit on April 7. However, the next day it said it was again being reviewed. Of course we were concerned and called Gerry. Gerry said he reviewed his work and the return was indeed correct. Obviously, we began to worry as the weeks began to pass by. But each time we called, Gerry was always there to reassure us that everything was fine and we just had to wait for the IRS. He knows his job really well and explained the steps to take if the return wasn’t in by the end of June. We would like to thank Gerry and JD’s Tax not just for doing our return, but for being there for us during the long wait for the IRS to review our return.

Richard F. Uriarte by Hohodaddy -

Great Tax guy,Got my money back for three years back taxes.Girls work too hard there for me.Need help every year,California is going broke and blaming anyone who has money to take.This is the best guy yet.

Offer In Compromise by Realtor Man -

The IRS was sending me letters saying that I owed more than $45,000. I wasn’t able to sleep for several months. I finally called JD’s Tax & Financial and made an appointment to see them. Just arriving at my appointment I felt great relief. By the time my appointment was finished I felt very much at ease with the professionalism and knowledge that the staff had. I got a call 10 days later and was told that my returns were complete and that they had prepared them correctly this time as the IRS had figured them out before and I wasn’t getting any deductions. That is why I owed so much money. When all was said and done I only owed the IRS $2,125 and my bill with JD’s tax was less than that. I am going to use JD’s Tax to file on-time for me from now on.