JD's Tax Preparation & IRS Audit Help   JD's Tax and Financial Solutions has been serving the tax preparation and IRS negotiation needs of Las Vegas valley residents for nearly 15 years.  Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you!   JD's Tax & Financial Solutions Corporation is a premier tax preparation and IRS negotiation firm headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.    We are experienced CPAs and tax preparation professionals who take pride in what we do.  We have been recognized as one of the outstanding tax preparation firms in the Las Vegas valley.   With over a century of combined experience, our team will help you navigate the treacherous process of an IRS audit, in the unfortunate event that you are audited.  We will provide a thorough analysis of your taxes and help your in your negotiations with the IRS.  

Complex IRS Problems

  Do you shudder at the thought of facing the IRS? Here at JD's Tax & Financial Solutions we stand firm in the presence of the Internal Revenue Service and we enjoy doing so. We know with our training and experience that we typically have more knowledge than many of the IRS personnel that we work with on a regular basis. If the IRS is Levying your bank account or garnishing YOUR wages we can put a STOP to that. If they are auditing YOUR tax return we will step in a defend YOU. If you have a Complex IRS problem then come see us at JD's Tax & Financial Solutions.

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Corporate Tax Holiday Could Spur Earnings Manipulation

by MICHAEL COHN   The push for a corporate tax holiday to encourage repatriation of an estimated $2.1 trillion in foreign profits seems to have gained traction again, thanks to a recent proposal from former President Bill Clinton, but such an idea could provide multinational companies with the incentive for earnings manipulation, according to a


IRS Publishes ObamaCare Electronic Flyers

by MICHAEL COHN   The IRS has issued a pair of one-page electronic publications containing information for individuals and families about the Affordable Care Act. READ MORE »


Majority of U.S. Offshore Profits Claimed in 12 Tax Havens

by MICHAEL COHN U.S. corporations have reported to the Internal Revenue Service that 54 percent of their offshore profits are earned in 12 tax haven countries that, combined, only account for 4 percent of economic output among all countries where U.S. corporations do business. READ MORE »


Florida Man, 87, Owes 150% Record Penalty on Swiss Account

by DAVID VOREACOS AND SUSANNAH NESMITH A federal jury found an 87-year-old Florida man owes the U.S. government civil penalties amounting to 150 percent of the value of his Swiss bank account, the biggest such penalty by percentage on record, his lawyers said. READ MORE »


Congressional Committeee Approves $287 Billion Bonus Depreciation Tax Cut

by RICHARD RUBIN The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee voted to let companies write off more than half the cost of some investments immediately, providing a $287 billion tax cut to capital-intensive industries. READ MORE »